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Jan 24th    Refugees – Home, Homelessness and Survival

January 2017
13th     Friday Your Community English Group – Ideas, Materials, Contacts, Sharing:
22nd   Sunday ChristChurch Uxbridge UB8   Talk by REAP
24th    Tuesday Refugees – Home, Homelessness and Survival – Networking and Knowledge Event, Details, Acton

Other Current News
Support for Refugee Children & Young People in London
Community English Groups List of groups in and near Hillingdon and Southall  Updated 22/11/16

March 2017
TBC   Introductory Training for Community Interpreters, to be confirmed, please ring 01895 441530
10th   TBC Refugee Women event as part of celebrating International Women’s Day

April 2017
TBC    Refugee Mental Health and Wellbeing, please email sarah@reap.org.uk
TBC    Term3 sharing networking planning meeting for Community English group leaders, volunteers, new trainees.

Recent REAP Events
29th   Nov Disabled Refugees: Equality Rights and Health & Social Care Entitlements, with HEAR
25th   Nov Engaging and Communicating with Refugee and Migrant Families Training
21st    Nov Disabled and in Exile – Being Excluded Twice  For write up See HEAREquality.org.uk after 30th Nov.
2nd    Dec  Sarah and her 3 kids Sleep Rough for REAP – ‘We did it!’ and raised nearly £800 to fund English Groups + work on Refugee Homelessness: special thanks to Trinity Homeless, Anab and Sahan Cares, John at SOAS, Rachaporn and friends, Surindher, Sharon and English group members who raised funds for us

Refugees in Effective and Active Partnership (REAP) is an independent, refugee-led organisation in West London that aims to empower refugees and asylum-seekers to live as valuable and valued members of British society. We believe that it is essential to protect the right to refuge so people can escape danger and suffering caused by persecution, and that one implication of giving refuge is that there must also be reasonable level of effective and equitable support for people as they recover and rebuild.

We work towards our aim through practical activities and engagement; communications, training and networking across the voluntary and community sectors (VCS), and policy-oriented activities in partnership with others including building constructive exchange between VCS and statutory bodies relating to knowledge and support for refugees. We seek to enhance the voices and build the capability of those individuals who have sought refuge in the UK, and their communities; by promoting equality and equitable treatment for refugees in all their diversity; by facilitating organisations and individual activists and professionals that support refugees to rebuild their lives.

Current Services/Projects

Interpreting @ REAP – a non-profit service providing trained, local Community Interpreters
Community Interpreters’ & Parent Interpreters’ training and Service
Grass Roots English Groups and training/supporting voluntary group leaders, materials for groups
Refugees for Equality:  Eg. ‘Refugees, Equality and Public Sector Duties’
Training, Networking, Publications and Resources: Eg.‘Working with Asylum-Seekers and Refugees’ (for professionals);

Host to / Partner:  HEAR London’s VCS Human Rights and Pan-Equalities Network: London For All Partnership (LVSC, WRC, RoTA, HEAR): EACH Counselling:

Annual Conferences

  • 2016 Are We Prepared for Refugees in West London? A Networking Conference
  • 2015 Opening Doors: Communication, Refugees and Language
  • 2014 Refugee Languages, English and Interpreting
  • 2013 Equality for Refugees – Protect the Right to Refuge:Equality for All – Prevent the Need for Refuge
  • 2012 Small Groups – Views from Inside, Views from Outside
  • 2011 Becoming British:
  • 2010 Beyond Refuge
  • 2009 Allowed to Remain!… but Allowed to Belong?
  • 2008 Refugees and Multiple Inequalities;  2007 REAP Day of Debates

Recent Publications / Presentations (email sarah@reap.org.uk)

2016 Pragmatic Definitions and Entitlements (updated);
2015 HEAR Impact of Funders on Equality Work in London;
2014 Briefing on Refugee Equality and the Equality Act (with Refugee Council);
2013 No Such thing as ‘Other People’, with CCJ;
2013 Supporting MRCOs Supporting LGBT Refugees, with Esmee Fairbairn;
2012 ‘There is Nothing you Can’t Say’, with MRN;
2011  The Equality Act 2010 : A briefing for refugee and migrant community organisations, with EDF;
2010 ‘One Plus One: supporting frontline organisations to work effectively with refugees’, with National Equality Partnership.