Afghan Women’s Support Group in Hayes UB3

REAP is very proud to support the Hillingdon Afghan Women’s Support Group

Afghan Women’s Support Group                .
Update 31/1/24

The group meets monthly in Hayes.  If you are an Afghan woman (or supporting woman or family) who wants support please email REAP  and we will connect you with the group leaders.

The group leaders aim to rebuild the support framework for Afghan women – both women who have been in the UK for some time, and also preparing to support Afghan women arriving since the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan.  

Usually the group meets once per month in Hayes UB3 or more often when there are resources and support available.   Children are welcome but parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour and welfare.  

For activities and practical support to Afghan women you can also contact
*DAWN Charitable Trust  DAWN Charitable Trust – DAWN Charitable Trust  which provides online and phone counselling and support as well as face to face
*Groundwork Afghan wellbeing project with Refugee Council:  07701086590 Afghan Wellbeing Project – Refugee Council One to One counselling for the Afghan clients please use this link:
*Afghan and Central Asian Association who have some groups and activities in Hounslow and other areas of London.

Please note.  Group coordinators do not wish to be contacted for media interviews, and are not able to set up interviews with participants.

Offers of goods, clothes, bedding, food are very kindly acknowledged but neither the group nor REAP have the capacity to handle donations of this kind at this point.  

Thank you for support to Hillingdon Women’s Centre, LBHillingdon, DAWN Charitable Trust, Refugee Council PARCS funding in 2022-2023.


=Update Oct 2021

Because of Covid, the group had to go online and is not yet able to restart face to face meetings in Hayes because they don’t currently have access to a suitable space.  They are already supporting new arrivals by phone alls and whatsapp groups and this will keep going in the months ahead. 

Pre-Covid Sessions held at Nestles Ave Children Centre:  Mothers with children under the age of 5 years and women expecting babies were welcomed at sessions held at Nestles Ave Children Centre.   Sessions at the Children’s Centre had a creche for your baby to play.

If you speak little or no English, if you feel alone or just unsure and want to meet  other mothers who speak Dari, Pashtu.  There is an advocate / interpreter available.

Thank you to CNWL (NHS), Nestles Avenue Children’s Centre, DAWN and REAP for their valuable, long term, ongoing support.