Settled Status EU Refugee Londoners pre-Brexit

Have you got an EU passport?
Will you stay in the UK after Brexit?

Tamil speaker with Portuguese nationality?

Do you know a Lingala speaker with a French passport?

Or are you an Afghan with a German passport?

How about Moroccan or Ecuadoran or Columbian with a Spanish passport?

Have your friends lived in France, Sweden, Italy?

Ask your friends if they know about this – Will they be ok??

Do you need Settled Status?   (because of Brexit)

Key Points about ‘Settled Status’ 

  • It is for people with EU passports who arrive in the UK up to 21st December 2020
  • You need to have evidence you have lived in the UK for five years to get Settled Status
  • If it is less than five years you can apply for ‘Pre-Settled’ status
  • You need to apply online to the Home Office – free.
  • Your close family might be able to join you even if they have ‘third country’ passports     – though not a future new husband or wife
  • You can apply any time up to June 2021 – this might change so it is best to start now.
  • You must apply for each of your children separately – they are NOT covered by your status.
  • If you have permanent residence, you have to switch to Settled Status or British nationality    01895 441530


Funded by the GLA / Mayor of London : Settled Status

“EU Refugee Londoners”  An information project
making sure refugees with EU nationalities and passports
have got Settled Status in time for Brexit.

Further information coming soon (20/6/19)

Mozambican / Portuguese?

Somali / Dutch-Netherlands?

Iraqi / German?

Afghan / French?

DRCongolese / Netherlands?

Sudanese / Belgian?

Sri Lankan / Irish?

Iranian / Italian?

Ecuadoran / Spanish?

Norwegian? Swedish? Swiss?

Londoners who have other EU nationalities and passports (eg. Polish, Italian) must get ‘Settled Status’ if they want to stay in the UK, as their home, after Brexit.

This project is about making sure people who came to Europe as refugees or migrants and have gained nationality in other EU countries, can now stay in the UK as their home after Brexit ends their EU right to free movement in and out of Britain.  If they don’t have Settled Status by then, they might have to leave the UK.

Settled Status is free and there is information and help from the GLA for people who need to apply.  You need to have a range of documents and proof that you have are ‘settled’ in the UK – that is you have lived here continuously for 5 years.   The deadline to have your Settled Status will probably shift as Brexit deadlines shift, but because there will probably be complications and backlogs people need to start the process as soon as they can to avoid stress and problems later on.   A lot of refugees and ‘third country’ migrants with EU passports don’t realise Brexit will affect them.

At present the deadline is 30th June 2021 (after a ‘Grace Period’) but DO NOT leave it until then.  The sooner you start the better.

REAP’s ‘EU Refugee Londoners’ Project Summary

‘EU Refugee Londoners’ are people with refugee/related status from other EU countries, who have now got other EU nationalities like Italian or Spanish, and now live in London.  Many remain vulnerable, have poor English, poor access to good advice, social and economic insecurity.  Being displaced again to a different EU country where they may have no foundations could be devastating.

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty about Brexit and many people don’t think it will affect them.  Talking to EU refugees and other EU nationals directly and via multiple English groups, we realised how far many people who don’t use English-language media, are disconnected and unaware of the debates about EU citizens’ residency in the UK; ignoring Brexit and assuming it won’t affect them.

‘Brexit Connectors’ The project will also benefit the individual specially-trained Connectors who will deliver it (and their peer contacts).  As well as settled status, they learn skills and familiarity in community and civil action in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural team. They will form a growing resource for West London of increasingly confident, connected, organisers and communicators strengthening civil society, not only for refugees but for everyone.

Activities:  The project will be delivered directly in West London, disseminated across London alongside the work of partners like ELATT and Action West London.   Our activities will run until the end of July this Summer, raising awareness and getting people started, though people will be able applying right through to 2020, but the message is : start now.

We aim to reach 160 EU (non-UK) citizens to help them gain the knowledge they need, a sense of urgency and the confidence to act regarding their own and family’s Settled status.  We aim to reach 80 EU refugees in this total of 160.

a) REAP will run information and training sessions for Members, partners and other professionals who work with refugees, and training up 15 ‘Brexit Connectors’
b) 15 trained ‘Connectors’ will run multi-lingual sessions (eg. Dari, Tamil, Somali plus Spanish etc.) at ‘hands-on’ Hosts, include English classes and groups if partners and hosts invite us; also Food banks, Church networks, etc. some paid Connectors will create their own, ‘own-language’ outreach via community contacts, with individual follow up calls;
c) REAP will develop materials to use in English groups, and the ‘Brexit Connectors’ can make repeated visits to informal English groups to give people information, follow up, answer questions and encourage people to get on with the process;
d) Email/online networking to the 800+ organisations on REAP’s mailings and databases.

REAP also hopes to link people to advice on applying for British citizenship and at the same time take the chance to promoted the Project for the Registration of Children as British Nationals  as many parents and carers, including social workers responsible for unaccompanied children, do not realise or follow through on the need to register children as British nationals before they reach 18 years old.