English Seed Groups – The ‘Seed Pack’ & English Materials:

About English Seed Groups:

REAP is working on a English ‘Seed Group’ Leaders’ Course Pack and want to share it with you, and encourage people to pilot it.  The ‘Seed Pack’ builds on REAP’s past lessons from ‘Growing Grass Roots English Groups’ (GGREG), and lockdown lessons from volunteer-led, single language zoom groups. 

‘Seed groups’ are small groups of people who speak the same language (monolingual), and want to get more practice and confidence speaking English so they can move on more quickly.  A volunteer, who also speaks that language, will be able to simply pick up the pack and deliver a 6-session (6×1.5hrs) course of practice and pragmatic, practical (but correct) English.  A little training (in person, live online or recorded) or experience observing existing group sessions will certainly help, but the aim is that a capable and reasonably fluent volunteer should be able to start straight away.  There is a peer-building element to the group sessions.

The Pilot ‘Seed Pack’

Role Play recordings Week 1 In the food shop, Week 2 In the Cafe, Week 3 In the Restaurant

Role play recordings 4-6 will be available to download here and share on Whatsapp

Poem recordings: Three Little Rules, Magpie

Moving on…. Links and hints so people can access more community English or formal ESOL in West London will be available soon.

More info soon, or email English@reap.org.uk to get in touch.