REAP Publications, resources and training materials

REAP produces ‘Learning from Practice’ Papers, Briefings, Mappings and basic training materials, often in partnership with other organisations, that you might find useful in your own work.

Blank Handouts and Exercise Sheets

Ideas for working with Secondary School students

Earlier and Other Materials – please email for links and copies

  • 2011 Equality Act 2010 – a briefing for refugee and migrant community organisations, with Equality and Diversity Forum
  • 2011 Hillingdon Refugee Children Network Briefing
  • 2010 Learning from Practice Paper: BME & Refugee Groups’ Access to Local Authority and PCT Commissioning in West London
  • 2010 ‘One Plus One’: supporting frontline organisations to work effectively with refugees’, with National Equality Partnership/Women’s Resource Centre
  • 2009 ‘We don’t do Refugees’, funded by EHRC
  • 2008 ‘Allowed to Remain, but Allowed to Belong?’  Background Paper to Annual Conference
  • 2007 ‘Hear my Voice’ Refugee Writers’ Circle (hard copy only)
  • 2007 Refugees’ Recipes (hard copy only)

We have some hard copies of these documents and other resources.  There may be a small charge for these towards future printing costs, and also cost of postage.

We also have a list of useful websites for refugee groups.