REAP Activities

Refugees’ Voices | Building-up Capabilities | Information Exchange, Networking and Training | Language & Interpreting |Refugees for Equality

Information Exchange, Networking and Training

Language and Interpreting

Refugees for Equality

Equality Workshops eg. ‘Refugees and Equality – integrating the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty into support for refugees.
Equality Act 2010:a briefing for refugee and migrant community organisations, June 2011

For further information please contact Sarah or ring on 01895 441530

Refugees’ Voices: Policy, Advocacy and Lobbying

  • Community Advocates’ Network (CAN).  Members engaging in influencing practice and policy;
  • REAP Participation in networks, consultations and debates;
  • Direct engagement with service providers and other organisations;
  • REAP Campaigns and policy influence

Hear My Voice;  Refugees For Equalities

Building-up Capabilities: Building capability and confidence within refugee support structures

  • Capacity-building for RCOs and refugee support organisations;
  • Confidence and capability-building for professionals who work with ASRs.

Learning from Practice Paper: BME & Refugee Groups’ Access to Local Authority and PCT Commissioning in West London: Part I and Part II
Hear My Voice; Capacity-building work with RCOs;