Training @ REAP

REAP provides interactive, practice-oriented training and workshops for:

  • Volunteers involved in supporting refugees
    Setting up and running your own Grass Roots / Community English group
    Introductory Training for Community Interpreters and Parent Interpreters
  • Refugees and migrants
    Introductory Training for Community Interpreters
  • People who work with and support refugees
    Working with Refugees Series:
    Working with refugee and migrant children and families
       Refugees and Equality – the Equality Act 2010 and PSED supports refugees
  • Engaging and Communicating with Migrant and Refugee families
  • Networking Events  See Home Page for current events.

REAP can provide training and workshops on organisational development and project management themes:
–   Equality and Diversity, the Equality Act 2010 and PSED
–   Monitoring Diversity

Fees and Costs: Some training and workshops are free where we can get funding or where we are able to work in collaboration with other organisations.  Where we don’t have sufficient funding to cover our costs, we usually ask for a reasonable charge per head (with reductions for benefits etc.) or ask for a donation.  If the cost of a training is a problem for you, please contact on 01895 441530 to talk about it.

REAP can also design or tailor training for your organisation, please contact us to discuss.