English in West London

REPORT ON “ACCESS TO ESOL”  from REAP’s Speakers (own language community researh) project, with thank to GLA for their valuable support.

ENGLISH SEED GROUPS, SEED PACK  New pilot pack of materials for volunteers to lead their own small informal practice groups, online.

YIEWSLEY ENGLISH ‘HOME’ GROUP  Monday, Speaking English, In person, Free, UB7 8EY
REAP still runs 2 English groups on Monday morning, which depend on some wonderful volunteers.  We would appreciate any help you can offer (information, volunteering, donations also very welcome including donations of A4 paper or tea/coffee) to help us keep the information up to date, and keep our groups going.

If you want to join our Wednesday zoom call to practice speaking English please email English@reap.org.uk    When we know more about other English groups and courses we will help you join them.  We also have Zoom English groups for Spanish speakers and for Arabic speakers.

COMMUNITY ENGLISH LEADERS AND VOLUNTEERS’ NETWORK   If you teach ESOL, or run Conversation clubs, ‘Talk English’, SpEC or other groups, or any other community English activities, you are very welcome to link up with REAP group leaders and staff and people who run ‘community English’ in many other organisations.  We zoom or meet face to face 3 times per year, and keep in touch informally in other ways.  You might also be interested in NATECLA.

To see a list of informal and ‘Grass Roots’ English groups run by many different organisations in Hillingdon and West London  Sorry there is no current list of community English groups

The normal list includes groups run by many different organisations.   PLEASE NOTE REAP collects the information to help people find English groups but REAP is not responsible for these groups.  The organisation that run the group is in the ‘Organisation’ column.

  • Ring first to ask questions.  Please call the number in ‘Who to Ask?’
  • Children are welcome in most groups.
  • Most groups ask £1 contribution towards costs.
  • Most groups are in school time only.

Please send us information about your English group to English@reap.org.uk

  • What day and time
  • Where (post code if possible)
  • Who to contact, how/phone/email for details
  • Also
    – Roughly what level e.g. Pre-entry, Entry 1/2/3, Level 1/2/3
    – Free or paid
    – If babies and children can or can’t attend / any creche facilities