English in Hillingdon and Around

To see our most recent Listing of community and ‘Grass Roots’ English groups see the REAP front page.

REAP collects information about current groups in the area.  The three English groups that REAP can still support are not funded and depend entirely on some wonderful volunteers.  We would appreciate any help you can offer (information, volunteering) to keep the information up to date, and keep our groups going.

Please tell us about any English classes you know.

  • What day and time
  • Where (post code if possible)
  • Who to contact, how/phone/email for details
  • Also
    – Roughly what level e.g. Pre-entry, Entry 1/2/3, Level 1/2/3
    – Free or paid
    – If babies and children can or can’t attend / any creche facilities

To find out about REAP’s work to help set up ‘Grass Roots’ and community English groups, click Our Projects

If you have people who don’t speak English and you need help with interpreting click Interpreting @ REAP